Remember that one time…

Remember that one time last year when all I wanted was a revolution. Well now it’s happening here in America! It is also a time to mourn, a time to educate each other and a time to band together. Enough is enough. Black people deserve better and it’s about fucking time those with white privilege or proximity to white privilege figure it the fuck out and make it happen. Time to flex your white privilege to make a radical difference and protect the lives of the black community. It’s time to end systemic racism and uproot this whole system.

Let’s be real, this should have happened a long time ago. Better late than never I guess. There’s no going back now and thank God for that. No one can undo what’s been done. No one can bring back all the lives that have been lost due to racism and brutal killer cops.

To the family, friends and loved ones who have lost someone dear to them at the hands of a racist cop, no words can ever right that wrong but for what it’s worth I am so sorry. I cannot possibly imagine how painful this has been for you. To everyone out there fighting, protesting, showing up, speaking up and taking up space, listen to me and listen good. You don’t stop fighting. Do not be afraid. Stay together, no one left behind. Be kind, compassionate and loving but take absolutely no shit. Keep each other safe. Viva la fucking revolution baby. #blacklivesmatter

P.S. To the racist murderers, aka the biggest gang of thugs in America, aka police officers….. I truly hope and pray that the people you have hurt get justice for what you have put them through. I hope and pray you find a way to make it right and repent for what you have done. God help you.

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