Scholarship Essay 3/3

Last, but not least, my third essay. Again this is part of my scholarship application that called for three short essays. Each with different writing prompts and a maximum of 350 words for each paper. I love writing so this was easy for me but it was challenging to have to be so concise. I think I did ok but I would love any feedback or constructive criticism. Thanks!

Essay 3: What have you done for your family or community that you care about the most and why? (350 word limit)

Last year in March, I was in the midst of a very nasty and long custody battle for my daughter. This was the aftermath of having narrowly escaped from an abusive relationship. It was the hardest part of my life to walk through alone but I did it. My daughter needed me to fight for her and stay strong, so giving up was never an option for me. Just when I thought that there is no way I could possibly handle anymore curve balls thrown at me, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. 

Having another child was not part of my original plan but I made it all work out for the best. I got a raise and a new position at the company I worked for that involved moving to the Portland area. This big change was terrifying for me but I knew it was the right thing to do. So I gathered all the courage I had, packed up my car and left. I drove, pregnant and alone, from South Dakota to Oregon in search of a better life for me and my family. Thank God, I found what I was looking for. 

    I moved into my new life as a single mother working full-time to put food on the table all throughout my pregnancy. I even took on a second job doing food delivery on nights and weekends to make ends meet. Slowly but surely things started to get better for us. I found some incredible friends who helped me and my family along the way. I kept hope alive for us because I knew that my hard work would pay off in the long run. 

Now I am trying to better the lives of my children by getting my education. Nothing in this life can compare to the love and devotion I have for my family. I am a single mother to my two amazing daughters; Florence two years old and Phoenix four months old. Family is absolutely the most important part of my life and I would do anything for them. 

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