Scholarship Essay 1/3

Each of the three essays had different response prompts or topics. This first was not my favorite but it’s words I put together on paper. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

1: Explain your career goals and your educational plan to meet these goals. What inspired you to choose this field of study and career? (Limit to 350 words.)

As a mother, naturally, what brings me the most joy in life is helping others. I wanted my career path to not only spark my interests but set fire to my compassion and empathy for mothers and children in need. I want to create a non-profit organization that delivers groceries, diapers and other resources to the homes of new mothers and babies. Adjusting to motherhood is difficult, lonely and scary for many women. Having this kind of support system from other women can be life changing for the whole family which causes a ripple effect that positively impacts local communities too. 

I know this because it happened to me. I was a new mother who needed help and luckily there were organizations that gave me support when my children and I needed it most. What has also inspired my career path is my daughters. I want to be a good role model for them so they can grow up to be kind and compassionate towards others as well. And lastly, I know I cannot tell my children to make education their main priority if I myself have not made it a priority for me. That’s why I started college. 

I am just finishing up my first term of full-time classes. I am learning so much already and I am proud of myself for the good grades I have worked hard for. I am planning on obtaining an associates degree in accounting and eventually transferring to a nearby university. I am also working on achieving a focus award in women’s studies. After meeting with an academic advisor, we created a course plan to help navigate which classes I should register for. This way, I am staying on track and only taking the classes that give me credit towards my degree and focus award. My education is of paramount importance to my career goals as mentioned above. My daughters give me the daily motivation I need to keep going which I am so grateful for. 

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