Breastfeeding QAs

Hey mamas! It’s Christmas Eve, I’ve got my almost two month old baby asleep on my chest, my boyfriend is asleep too and I’m watching Kurt Russell be the sexiest Santa ever on Netflix. Seriously, whoever decided to cast Jack friggin Burten as Santa is a flipping genius! Anywho, no better time than now to dust off the Chromebook and answer some breastfeeding questions I recently received on my Instagram from inquiring mamas like you and me. Hope you enjoy!

Awesome, you’re almost done with your pregnacy, congrats! I know from my own experience nursing during pregnancy is no easy task, so bravo to you. To answer your questions, your milk will change depending on both of your babies’ needs. Yes, ideally your body should still produce colostrum when you give birth to your second baby. That’s all because the hormones in your body will change once the baby and placenta are both out of your body. You may even start producing colostrum a week or two leading up to your birthing experience which is what happened to me. Your new baby will not be hurt in any way by tandem nursing. Quite the opposite in fact, by continuing to nurse your oldest baby thorughout your pregnancy, continuously emptying out your breasts, ensures a healthy and hefty milk supply should come in plenty for both babes. Nurse on mama!

Hey yeah mama! You nurse for as long as you and your baby needs or wants to and don’t let anyone tell you different. Seriously, fuck whatever anyone else says, I’m full-term nursing both my kids. Breastfeeding is a rewarding part of motherhood that can be tough as hell sometimes. Ok most of the times but whatever, it is more than worth it knowing that I am giving my babies exactly what they want and need to lear and grow strong. The struggle can be very real so good on you for toughing it out by staying persistent and patient. Keep at it mama! Yous a bad ass bitch!

Gassy baby fart monsters are no fun at all! Try to keep in mind that there is a ton of growth and change happening to your little gorgeous baby’s insides between 5-10 weeks old. You can flip your diet upside down a million times over but if you’ve tried that already here’s what I have done that helps my babes. Start by breastfeeding your baby by putting them in a more up right or vertical position. Even just adding a little lean to your position will help out tons! And after feeding keeping baby upright for about 10-20 minutes. That way, their body will use gravity to help the milk settle in their tummies and less likely to get air bubbles that cause gas and burps. It also prevents the baby from colic and spitting up a bunch. Next, invest in gas drops! I use the Gas Relief Drops from Little Remedies for my babes. It’s homeopathic, safe to use on newborns and works very fast. Lastly, you can try the old fashioned manual way by bicycle peddling the baby’s legs out or giving a gentle belly massage to work it all out helps too. Last but not least, tummy time! Anything that puts gentle pressure or movement to the baby’s abdomend will help your babe with getting out gas and poops. Wishing you and yours merry poops and happy new year!

Oh girl. Ok henny, we gunna need to burn a lot of fucking sage for this shit now. This sucks for all parties invovled, period. The thought of a baby not being with their mommy makes my heart ache with sympathy because I know all too well how that feels. I completely understand where you are coming from, trust. Did you follow my socials last year??? Talk about the worst year of my LIFE! But i, case you missed it, I’ll spare you the details and give you the short and way less tramatic version of what happened. Last year, during a very nasty, drawn out custody battle with my first daughter’s dad, my daughter and I were separated a lot. It was absolutely awful and I would not wish a custody battle on my worst enemy. But to top it all off, her and I were forced to be apart from each other while we were still nursing. It felt like I had been unjustly stripped of my motherhood. I was crushed. When we did finally see each other again all my poor little baby wanted to do was nurse and I wanted to keep nursing her too. So I had to keep up my milk supply through the roughest, most stressful, heartbreaking time of my life. And I did! It wasn’t easy but I thankfully did not dry up. With a lot of hard work and daily dedication my milk kept coming in. Pumping, hot showers, manual epxression and just thinking of my baby helped keep my milk flowing.

Here’s my advice to you…. If you and/or your baby wants ween and this is a good time to do it, then ween. If you both want to keep nursing, do it. You are mother and no matter what, no one can ever take that away from you. You always know what is best for your child and so follow your intuition. Get quiet and pray or meditate about it to choose what is right for you and your baby. Your baby might start weening on their own, maybe not. Pay attention to your babe’s body language and that will tell you if he/she is ready to ween or not. If you choose to continue nursing here’s what you can anticipate. You’ll need to pump a lot leading up to the visit and on the days she is not with you. That task is likely to be very emotional experience for both you and baby. It is going to be hard the first few times. Hell, it might be hard for a while, but things will inevitably change. Don’t worry they always do. I would pump ahead of time and try to give the other parent enough milk supply to last them for the duration of their visit. That will likely lessen any sort of difficulty falling asleep the baby may have while being in the care of the other parent. Make sure your diet is rich with foods that encourage your healthy milk supply like oatmeal or lacation cookies. You could also start drinking the Mother’s Milk tea to help as well. Lastly, BE KIND TO YOURSELF during this adjustment period by giving yourself time and space to process, feel your feelings, self care to heal and move forward. This is the most important part here: Try to give yourself the same love, advice, forgiveness, compassion and patience as you would give to your child.

*Pro Tip; Ask yourself this: “If you baby was all grown and going through this same issue, what advice would you give to her?”

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